Reverse NS

Find domains sharing the same name server.

Use the Reverse NS Tool for:

  • Perform research on malicious name servers.
  • Discover relations like ownership between domain names.
  • Monitor new and removed name servers on IP addresses.
  • Discover name servers on the same subnet.

Our Statistics

7+ million Name Servers
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4+ billion historical NS Records
330+ million Active Domains
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10+ years of historical records

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you decide a name server is hosted on an IP address?
We perform an A or AAAA lookup of every name server we discover.
What happened to the previous Reverse NS Tool?
The Reverse NS Tool is now integrated in the new Domain Search interface. With the new interface you can search for domains on many different fields like name, MX/NS records and provider. See examples below!
How often do you resolve IP/DNS records for a domain?
Our DNS crawlers try to resolve every domain name every two weeks.


Domains using NS record "ns1.google.com"
Domains with TLD .nl using NS "ns1.google.com"
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Historical Domains using NS "ns1.google.com"
  Premium Only
Domains using NS with IP ""
  Domain -  History