Premium API access

Premium API enables access for 3rd party services to our research and tools. Our research database consists of 270+ million domain names, 5+ million name servers and 50+ million mail servers.

The API price model is based on Pay-as-You-go. Every API call gets debited from your API credit balance. The interface is based on HTTPS GET requests and the data type is JSON. The following API types are available:

API typeDescriptionCreditsExample
ASInfoReturns information about every AS number.5AS24940
DomainIpDnsHistoryReturns IP/DNS history for a specific domain. The following records are supported: A, AAAA, MX, NS and SPF.2tcpiputils.com
DomainNeighborsReturns domains hosted on the same IPv4 address.1tcpiputils.com
DomainSearchReturns registered and previously registered domain names based on one or more keywords.4keyword tcpip
IP2ASNReturns the AS number announcing the specific IP address.free8.8.8.8
IPv4InfoReturns information about every IPv4 address.2tcpiputils.com
MXNeighborsReturns domains sharing the same mail server (MX record).2aspmx.l.google.com
NSNeighborsReturns domains sharing the same name server (NS record).2ns1.google.com

The examples are links to real JSON output of our API. You can use it to test your script. To view the JSON output formatted you can use an online JSON viewer like this. The API results for the DomainIpDnsHistory, DomainNeighbors, DomainSearch, MXNeighbors and NSNeighbors types are limited to 2,500 records per API call. The DomainSearch, MXNeighbors and NSNeighbors APIs have a page parameter where you can get a maximum of 25,000 results.


Price per credit$0.006$0.004$0.0029$0.002$0.0015
PaymentAfter paying via Credit Card (Canadian, United Kingdom and United States address only) or PayPal (worldwide), the API credits are immediately added to your balance.
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VAT and InvoiceAll prices are excluding VAT. When applicable for European Union countries, VAT is charged and will be displayed on order and billing information. Invoice will be available for download from the member center within 30 days after payment.
Terms and conditionsAll subscriptions are one-time and non-recurring. API credits are valid for 12 months. See our full API Terms and conditions.