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Domain Search

Find registered and dropped domains based on keywords.

Domain Search

Find registered and dropped domains based on one or more keywords.

Enter one or more keywords. Example: amsterdam, ^philips or phone$

Registration/dropped date:

Domain status:

Top Level Domain:

Use ^ in front of a keyword to search for domains starting with that keyword. Use $ behind a keyword to search for domains ending with that keyword. Use ? as a wildcard for one character and * as a wildcard for zero or more characters. Use ! in front of a keyword to filter domains out. Use % to only show domains from one TLD.

Tool description

Find registered and dropped domain names based on one or more keywords. Keywords can be like a city, brand or trademark. Search through all Top Level Domains including gTLDs, nTLDs and ccTLDs.

Example objectives

  • Discover newly registered domain names.
  • Perform research on your trademark or brand and find illegal use of it.
  • Discover registered domain name variations.
  • Find previously registered (dropped) domain names.


Q: How many domains do you have?
A: We have access to all gTLD (ex com, net, org) and nTLD (ex xyz, berlin, nyc) daily zone files. For ccTLD (ex de, fr, eu) our coverage is between 40% and 70% depending on the ccTLD.

Q: When are newly registered domains available in Domain Search?
A: New domains are added on a daily basis to our database. The database is updated once a day around 01:00 Central European Time (CET).

Q: Is Domain Search available for all Top Level Domains?
A: Yes, all domains are returned including ccTLDs.

Q: Can you give some examples of queries?
A: Yes, for example the query "airport newyork" (without the quotes) returns domains containing the keyword AIRPORT and NEWYORK. The more advanced query "^do lytics$ !analytics" (without the quotes) returns domains starting with DO, ending with LYTICS but does not contain ANALYTICS.

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