Browser Extensions

Access our data and tools directly from your favorite browser.

We have built the following browser extensions to interact with our data and online tools.

IP Address and Domain Information

Our most used browser extension, with over 130,000 users. See detailed IP address, domain name and provider information for the current website. This browser extension displays detailed information without leaving the current website. The information can for example be used for online investigation.

Absolutely phenomenal extension! This extension gets very in-depth with all IP analysis! I highly recommend this!!
Review in the Chrome Webstore

Probably the best and most through ip information addon I have seen on Firefox.
Review in the Firefox Addon Store

example of IP Address Information for Chrome

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IP Domain Flag

This extension shows a country flag for the current website's server. The tooltip shows city, region and country name. The popup shows more information about the domain. Details are Alexa ranking, DomainRank and MyWOT reputation. The design of the popup is simple and clean. To protect your privacy, we only send the domain name to our database.

example of IP Domain Flag for Chrome

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My IP Address

Find your IP address! See provider, location, and whois details of your public IP address. Get an IP address change alert and see your IP address history.

example of my IP Address Information for Chrome

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Download extension and speeddial for Opera

Network and Internet tools

This extension allows quick access to our online tools like ping, tracert, domain search, dns blackhole list, dns lookup, reverse ip and whois lookup.

example of Network and Internet tools for Chrome

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Accelerator for Internet Explorer (IE)

Use the Whois lookup function of DNSlytics from every webpage you view. Just install the IE Accelerator, select for example a domain name on a webpage and select Whois Lookup. See how easy it is:

example of ie accelerator

There is one accelerator available for download:
Whois Lookup for IE11