Reverse Analytics

Find domains sharing the same Analytics ID.

Use the Reverse Analytics Tool for:

  • Monitor and discover new domains connected to an Analytics ID.
  • Discover relations like ownership between domain names.
  • Perform research on malicious publishers.
  • Find historical domain names belonging to a publisher.

Our Statistics

15+ million Analytics IDs
  Premium Only
8+ years of historical Analytics records
  Premium Only
2+ million ads.txt files
  Premium Only
5+ years of historical ads.txt files

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you visit all web pages of a domain to find the Analytics ID?
At this moment, we only visit the homepage of a domain to find the Analytics ID.
How often do you visit a domain?
Our system attempts to visit a domain every 60 days.
What happened to the previous Reverse Analytics Tool?
The Reverse Analytics Tool is now integrated in the new Domain Search interface. With the new interface you can search for domains on many different fields like name, MX/NS records and provider. See examples below!
Where can i find the historical Analytics data?
Use the Hosting History Tool to find all historical Analytics data. You can search on Analytics ID to find all historical domains or search on domain name and find all historical Analytics IDs. See examples below!


Domains using "ua-7870337"
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Historical Domains using "ua-7870337"
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Historical Analytics IDs connected to "myip.report"
  Premium Only
ads.txt records with "pub-2644536267352236"
  Domain -  History