Hosting History

Discover the hosting history of domains, IP/MX/NS records or Google tags.

 The Hosting History Tool requires a premium subscription. 

Use the Hosting History Tool for:

  • Discover previous hosting companies of domain names.
  • View the history of malicious domains, IP/MX/NS records or Google tags.
  • Explore the IP/DNS history of dropped domain names.
  • Discover previous relations between (dropped) domain names.

Our Statistics

500+ million Dropped Domains
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10+ years of historical records
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8+ billion historical IP Records
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4+ billion historical NS Records

Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to the previous Hosting History Tool?
The Hosting History Tool is now integrated in the new History Search interface. With the new interface you can search for historical domain data on many different fields like domain name, IP,MX/NS records and Google Tags (Adsense and Analytics). See examples below!
When did you start recording IP/DNS history?
We began recording historical records in 2012, initially saving only A (IPv4) and NS records. In 2014, we expanded our record-keeping to include AAAA (IPv6), MX, and SPF records.
How often do you resolve the IP/DNS records for a domain?
Our DNS crawlers attempt to resolve each domain name every two weeks.


View dropped domains containing keyword "dnsly"
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Hosting History for dnslytics.com
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View historical domains using ns1.google.com
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View historical domains using pub-7232066202917795
  Domain -  History

Timeline collecting historical data

  • Start collecting historical DNS data

    March 2012

    Start saving dropped domains with their NS and IPv4 records. No access to zonefiles. New domains discovered through crawling and domainlists. DNS records updated every 90 days.

  • IPv6, MX and SPF records

    March 2014

    Start saving IPv6, MX and SPF records. Also solving the www label for the IPv4/IPv6 records. DNS records now updated every 60 days.

  • Zonefiles

    November 2014

    Daily processing of the COM/NET/ORG etc. zonefiles.

  • Start collecting historical web data

    Januari 2016

    Start collecting Google Adsense and Analytics ID's. Homepage of every domain retrieved twice a year. Historical records are stored with a first and last seen date.

  • Extending historical DNS data

    Augustus 2018

    Historical DNS data now includes additional data like first seen date and for IPs the provider and GEO data. DNS records now updated every 30 days.

  • Web data now includes ads.txt

    October 2018

    Start collecting ads.txt file. The ads.txt file is parsed and every line stored with a first seen date. Homepages and ads.txt are now retrieved every 60 days.

  • Increased frequency DNS data

    May 2020

    DNS data is now refreshed every 14 days.

  • Web data now includes Google Tags

    October 2022

    Start collecting the following Google tags: AW-xxxx, DC-xxxx, G-xxxx, GTM-xxxx, PUB-xxxx and UA-xxxx.