Domain Typos

Find domain typos and misspellings to protect your brand, trademark or domain name.

Use the Domain Typos Tool for:

  • To protect your brand or trademark by identifying typo domains that could be used for malicious purposes.
  • The Domain Typos tool returns domains with one character difference of the given keyword.
  • Searching for "dnslytics" returns domains like dnslystics.com and dslytics.com.
  • Filter the results on Top Level Domains (TLD) and domain length.

Our Statistics

330+ million Active Domains
200+ million Keywords
500+ million Dropped Domains
10+ years of historical Domains

Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to the previous Domain Typos Tool?
The Domain Typos Tool is now integrated in the new Domain Search interface. With the new interface you can search for domains on many different fields like name, typos, MX/NS records and provider. See examples below!
Can you explain what a typo is?
A typo in a domain name refers to any change, addition, removal, or swapping of a single character.
Is it legal to register typo domains?
While registering typo domains is not inherently illegal, it can raise ethical and legal concerns, especially if the intent is to deceive or infringe on the trademarks of others.


Domains Typos for "dnslytics"
Domains Typos for "dnslytics" filtering out exact matches
Domains Typos for "dns" on tld .COM
Domains Typos for "dns" with length of 4
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