Domain Search

Find registered and dropped domains based on keywords.

Use the Domain Search Tool for:

  • Discover newly registered domain names.
  • Perform research on your trademark or brand and find illegal use of it.
  • Discover registered domain name typos and variations.
  • Find previously registered (dropped) domain names.

Our Statistics

330+ million Active Domains
200+ million Keywords
500+ million Dropped Domains
10+ years of historical Domains

Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to the previous Domain Search Tool?
The Domain Search Tool is completely redesigned. With the new interface you can search for domains on many different fields like name, typos, MX/NS records and provider. See examples below!
When are newly registered domains available in Domain Search?
We add new domains to our database on a daily basis, and the database is updated once a day around 01:00 GMT+1.
Is Domain Search available for all Top Level Domains?
Yes, all domains, including ccTLDs, are returned in the search results.
How many domains do you have?
At the beginning of 2024, we had over 330 million active domains in our database. We have access to daily zone files for all gTLDs (.com, .net, .org, etc.) and nTLDs (.xyz, .berlin, .nyc, etc.). For ccTLDs (.de, .fr, .eu, etc.), our coverage ranges from 50% to 80% depending on the specific ccTLD.


Domains containing "dnsly"
Domains starting with "dns"
Domains ending with "dns" on tld .COM
Domains exact match "dns"
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