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Traceroute for : pi.hemshrestha.com.np

traceroute to (, 20 hops max, 60 byte packets

StepTimeIP - Hostname / IP, Provider and Location details
10.827 ms85.10.244.141 - spine2.cloud1.fsn1.hetzner.com (Provider Hetzner Online GmbH) - Germany (DE) de flag
20.291 ms85.10.250.245 - ex9k2.dc8.fsn1.hetzner.com (Provider Hetzner Online GmbH) - Germany (DE) de flag
30.246 ms213.239.229.21 - core24.fsn1.hetzner.com (Provider Hetzner Online GmbH) - Germany (DE) de flag
44.933 ms213.239.203.149 - core4.fra.hetzner.com (Provider Hetzner Online GmbH) - Germany (DE) de flag
519.153 ms80.81.193.79 - ULCO01.telstraglobal.net (Provider Probe Networks) - Germany (DE) de flag
6155.432 ms202.84.178.5 - i-92.ulhc-core01.telstraglobal.net (Provider Telstra Global) - Hong Kong (HK) hk flag
7155.186 ms202.40.148.226 - i-10403.ulco-core02.telstraglobal.net (Provider Telstra Global) - Hong Kong (HK) hk flag
8158.230 ms202.84.141.145 - (Provider Telstra Global) - Hong Kong (HK) hk flag
9156.743 ms202.84.252.85 - i-1.tlot-core02.telstraglobal.net (Provider Telstra Global) - Hong Kong (HK) hk flag
10153.603 ms202.84.143.202 - i-0-3-0-2.1wlt-core02.telstraglobal.net (Provider Telstra Global) - Hong Kong (HK) hk flag
11263.350 ms202.84.140.225 - i-15706.siko-core01.telstraglobal.net (Provider Telstra Global) - Hong Kong (HK) hk flag
12266.117 ms202.84.141.205 - i-15057.sgpl-core02.telstraglobal.net (Provider Telstra Global) - Hong Kong (HK) hk flag
13243.471 ms202.84.224.194 - i-92.sgpl01.telstraglobal.net (Provider Telstra Global) - Hong Kong (HK) hk flag
14267.042 ms61.14.147.179 - gw2.sin1.sg.linode.com (Provider Pacnet Global Ltd) - Japan (JP) jp flag
15263.539 ms139.162.0.2 - (Provider Linode, LLC) - Singapore, Central Singapore Community Development Counc, Singapore (SG) sg flag
16263.518 ms172.104.51.22 - li1631-22.members.linode.com (Provider Linode, LLC) - Singapore, Central Singapore Community Development Counc, Singapore (SG) sg flag

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