IPv6 root

Summary for subnet 2001:1600::/23

Subnets based on RIR allocations

2001:1600::/29Infomaniak Network SAripeCH
2001:1608::/29firstcolo GmbHripeDE
2001:1610::/29Visual Online S.A.ripeLU
2001:1618::/29Linknet csr1.interx csr1.tw-interxripeDE
2001:1620::/30Init7 (Switzerland) Ltd.ripeCH
2001:1630::/29TEKNIKPARK IPv6 POP in SoderhamnripeSE
2001:1638::/29diva-e Datacenters GmbHripeDE
2001:1640::/32MK Netzdienste GmbH & Co. KGripeDE
2001:1650::/32INFOCLIP SAripeFR
2001:1658::/29Elisa OyjripeFI
2001:1660::/32Ljusdals Elnat ABripeSE
2001:1668::/32Equinix (EMEA) Acquisition Enterprises BripeGB
2001:1670::/32Oman Telecommunications Company (S.A.O.GripeOM
2001:1678::/32CNIT Italian National Consortium for TelripeIT
2001:1680::/29BSE Software GmbHripeCH
2001:1688::/29Telemach UG d.o.o.ripeSI
2001:1690::/32Previder B.V.ripeNL
2001:1698::/32TELKEA TELECOM SAripeLU
2001:16a0::/29Saudi Telecom Co. Registry Admin-C contaripeSA
2001:16a8::/32RMnet S.R.L.ripeIT
2001:16b0::/32Netia SAripePL
2001:16b8::/32Versatel DeutschlandripeDE
2001:16c0::/29Parsun Network Solutions PTY LTDripeAU
2001:16d0::/32Clio S.R.LripeIT
2001:16d8::/32Availo Networks ABripeSE
2001:16e0::/29R-KOM Regensburger TelekommunikationsverripeDE
2001:16e8::/32Dutch Cloud B.V.ripeNL
2001:16f0::/29AirIT Services GmbHripeDE
2001:16f8::/32Sentia Netherlands BVripeNL
2001:1700::/27Sunrise GmbHripeCH

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