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Summary for subnet

LocationUnited States (US) us flag
Number of domains hosted76,669
Number of nameservers hosted2,787
Number of mailservers hosted19,068
Number of SPAM hosts hosted44
Number of IDN domains hosted4
Number of domains in Alexa top million754
Number of IP routes550

Subnets based on RIR allocations

SubnetDescriptionRIRCountry#routes#domains#spamhosts Corp.arinUS13000 Corp.arinUS11042, Inc.arinUS000 Corp.arinUS150 Corp.arinUS1170 Corp.arinUS1360 Corp.arinUS21090 Corp.arinUS59414 Corp.arinUS51,7777 Corp.arinUS14092 Pool - se1.hstntx-1250550361arinUS1880 Corp.arinUS1280, Inc.arinUS010 Corp.arinUS1290, Inc.arinUS000 Corp.arinUS1190, Inc.arinUS000 Corp.arinUS180, Inc.arinUS020, Inc.arinUS000, Inc.arinUS000 Data Services FrancearinUS130,9721 Data Services Ireland LimitedarinUS190, Inc.arinUS000, Inc.arinUS1900 Corp.arinUS140 Corp.arinUS190, Inc.arinUS000, Inc.arinUS010, Inc.arinUS6410,4070 Corp.arinUS190, Inc.arinUS000, Inc.arinUS2140, Inc.arinUS000, Inc.arinUS000 Corp.arinUS1120 Corp.arinUS13750 Corp.arinUS14690 Corp.arinUS1810 Corp.arinUS1300, Inc.arinUS000 Corp.arinUS100 Corp.arinUS1870 Corp.arinUS13470 Corp.arinUS17510 Corp.arinUS33091 Corp.arinUS21170 Corp.arinUS1131, Inc.arinUS020 Corp.arinUS1100 Corp.arinUS160 Corp.arinUS180 Corp.arinUS150, Inc.arinUS000 Corp.arinUS1470 Corp.arinUS1340 Corp.arinUS1851, Inc.arinUS010 Corp.arinUS1210 Corp.arinUS1200, Inc.arinUS000, Inc.arinUS000 Corp.arinUS100 Corp.arinUS32730 Corp.arinUS1140 Corp.arinUS1110, Inc.arinUS000 Corp.arinUS1270 Corp.arinUS21060 Corp.arinUS34561 Corp.arinUS21150 Corp.arinUS1110 Corp.arinUS1100 Interactive Inc.arinUS300 Corp.arinUS1160 Corp.arinUS1542 Corp.arinUS72433,2960, LLCarinUS2540 Communications, LLCarinUS23240,Inc.arinUS99111,Inc.arinUS1510,Inc.arinUS100 LLCarinUS910,0481 Fiber Inc.arinUS11512 Communications Inc.arinCA4511 Communications, Inc.arinUS6751 Communications Canada Inc.arinCA0150 Communications Canada Inc.arinCA1122,50413


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