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Subnets based on RIR allocations

SubnetDescriptionRIRCountry Communications IncarinUS Communications LLCarinUS Communications IncarinUS Cable Communications, LLCarinUS CorporationarinUS Corp.arinUS CorporationarinUS Corp.arinUS, Inc.arinUS INFRASTRUCTURE LLCarinUS Rural Connect, LLCarinUS LtdarinGB Telecom Iberia S.A.arinES IncarinUS Services, Inc.arinUS Services, Inc.arinUS Enterprises, Inc.arinUS WirelessarinCA County Rural Electric MembershiarinUS LLCarinUS Coffee CompanyarinUS Coffee CompanyarinUS Communications IncarinUS BusinessarinUS BusinessarinUS BusinessarinUS Communications IncarinUS Inc.arinCA Telephone Company, Inc.arinUS Fiber Inc.arinUS Communications, LLCarinUS TechnologiesarinUS CommunicationsarinUS ABripeSE HostingarinUS HostingarinUS HostingarinUS HostingarinUS HostingarinUS Web, L.L.CarinUS Hosting (RACKS-8)arinUS Hosting (RACKS-8)arinUS Hosting (RACKS-8)arinUS Digital, Inc.arinUS BusinessarinUS Holdings Inc.arinUS Communications LLCarinUS Communications LLCarinUS NetworksarinUS Wave CommunicationsarinUS Technologies - Transport and TelearinUS, LLCarinUS, Inc.arinUS CollegearinUS Networks IncarinCA, Inc.arinUS POWERNET, LLCarinVI Protocols, Inc.arinUS LLCarinUS IncarinUS, LLCarinUS TechnologiesarinUS, Inc.arinUS WirelessarinUS UniversityarinUS Aero Group, Inc.arinUS LLCarinUS Global Solutions USA, INCarinUS Telephone Cooperative CorporatioarinUS Consulting, Inc.arinUS, LLCarinUS CommunicationsarinUS Network Systems Inc.arinCA Connections Inc.arinCA CORPORATIONarinCA SERVICES MANAGEMENT GROUP, LLarinUS of Newfoundland and Labrador,arinCA Enterprises LLCarinUS Country Telephone Cooperative, Inc.arinUS Electric Power AssociationarinUS Permanent Fund Corporation, an inarinUS Coop de TelecommunicationarinCA Telnet, LLParinUS Communications Inc.arinCA Communications IncarinUS Communications IncarinUS Communications IncarinUS BroadbandarinUS Wireless, INC.arinUS Brands, Inc.arinUS CommunicationsarinUS, Inc.arinUS LimitedarinVG Technology, LLC.arinUS Online, Inc.arinCA COLO, LLCarinUS Networks, Inc.arinUS Services, Inc.arinUS Brands Inc.arinUS DataarinUS IncorporatedarinUS Line NetworksarinUS IncorporatedarinUS IncorporatedarinUS Investments LLCarinUS Pharmacy Systems, Inc.arinUS livarna Maribor d.d.ripeSI IncorporatedarinUS Technologies U.S. Inc.arinUS Morgan, Inc.arinUS CommunicationsarinUS Inc.arinUS A&M University-Central TexasarinUS Communications IncarinUS Air Internet, LLCarinUS, IncarinUS Telecom Inc.arinUS Cable Television LLCarinUS Internet Solutions CorporationarinUS Telecom, LLCarinUS Communications Cooperative, IncarinUS Electric Power BoardarinUS Light FiberarinUS Inc.arinUS Communications CorporationarinCA Communications Inc. (CXA)arinUS Cable Communications, LLCarinUS

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