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Summary for subnet

LocationUnited States (US) us flag
Number of domains hosted346,723
Number of nameservers hosted16,535
Number of mailservers hosted102,255
Number of SPAM hosts hosted338
Number of IDN domains hosted146
Number of domains in Alexa top million2,381
Number of IP routes2,144

Subnets based on RIR allocations

SubnetDescriptionRIRCountry#routes#domains#spamhosts Endurance International Group, Inc.arinUS11,0280 Communications Inc.arinCA391 CommunicationsarinUS254461 Networks of AmericaarinUS191261 Technologies, Inc.arinUS865870 CommunicationsarinUS1130 City Networks, L.P.arinUS830 Solution Systems, Inc.arinUS13910 WEATHER CHANNEL, LLCarinUS3190 Holdings, LLCarinUS1670,1962 Valley Telephone Cooperative, arinUS2260, IncarinUS14,5170, Dedicated Fiber, Dedicated Speed,apnicKH328311 Systems Inc.arinCA83,4880 Oman LLCripeOM3316733 Sdn. Bhd.apnicSG2310 International bvapnicHK7160 Technologies, Inc.arinUS283,3783 Communications IncarinUS131,1684 Partnership DBA Verizon WirelessarinUS500 Technologies, Inc.arinUS1001210 ONE, INC.arinUS2732341 Groupe Videotron LteearinCA171060 WIRELESS LLCarinUS2130 WIRELESS LLCarinUS2150 Finance LLCarinUS842851 Warner Cable Internet LLCarinUS41031 Web, L.L.CarinUS123,9992 Communication Plc.apnicTH375781 Dot Com Inc.arinCA22720 Network, Corp.arinUS1712 Solutions, Inc.arinUS21150 CommunicationsarinUS11160 Collective, Inc.arinUS122,0710 Central Rural Telecommunications CarinUS160 Inc.arinUS12,3700 West, Inc.arinUS260 Cellular Inc.arinUS110, LLCarinUS21250 TelecommunicationsarinUS160 Communications, Inc.arinUS100 CorporationarinUS1240 CommunicationsarinUS1390 CommunicationsarinUS762,28313 CommunicationsarinUS191153 CommunicationsarinUS181112 Communications, Inc.arinUS14421, LLCarinUS310 CORPORATIONarinUS11,9611 LLCarinUS51540 Communications, Inc.arinUS100's Datacenter, LLCarinUS12,2491, Inc.arinUS5500 COMMUNICATIONS, LLCarinUS18140 Reseau Inc.arinCA100 West Communications, Inc.arinUS1190 Connections, LLCarinUS2510 Telecommunications Cooperative LimarinCA140 Communications Inc.arinCA2400 Enterprises LLCarinUS2121,8783 Communications Canada Ltd.arinCA4340 Irrigation DistrictarinCA1210 Comm IncarinUS510 Inc.arinUS3140 InteractivearinUS060 Integrated Technologies, Inc.arinUS11,1250 LLCarinUS1084,1320 Telephone Cooperative, Inc.arinUS1610 10, Inc.arinUS51,6620,Inc.arinUS100 Data & Colocation, Inc.arinUS000 CORPORATIONarinUS12,2010 Networks IncarinCA17111 Technologies Inc.arinCA23010 Services and Solutions, Inc.arinUS220 Arkansas Telephone CooperativearinUS210 Net, Inc.arinUS1290 LLCarinUS27970 CommunicationsarinUS1210 Micro Ltd.arinCA100 GenerationsarinCA1160 Southwest, LLC.arinUS7190 Junction Internet, LLCarinUS10400 CommunicationsarinUS220 Services, Inc.arinUS1680 INCarinUS11240 Data Centers, Inc.arinUS21760 A&M University San AntonioarinUS110, Inc.arinUS100 CommunicationsarinCA100 InternetarinUS190 HealthCare Partners Inc.arinUS1200 10, Inc.arinUS13690 102, LLCarinUS65160, IncarinUS930

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