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Summary for subnet

LocationUnited States (US) us flag
Number of domains hosted185,701
Number of nameservers hosted1,836
Number of mailservers hosted7,215
Number of SPAM hosts hosted58
Number of IDN domains hosted280
Number of domains in Alexa top million2,573
Number of IP routes313

Subnets based on RIR allocations

SubnetDescriptionRIRCountry#routes#domains#spamhosts Lilly and CompanyarinUS63322 CorporationarinUS235,3775 Blue Cloud Technology Co.,LtdapnicCN74467 CorporationarinUS12,4610 CorporationarinUS115,6051 CorporationarinUS227,87911 CorporationarinUS110,9730 CorporationarinUS175,05015 CorporationarinUS16,2366 CorporationarinUS19980 CorporationarinUS1220 Blue Cloud Technology Co.,LtdapnicCN23841 CorporationarinUS11610 Blue Cloud Technology Co.,LtdapnicCN210 CorporationarinUS12,4930 CorporationarinUS14,5311 Communications LLCarinUS93911 Communications LLCarinUS12030 Communications LLCarinUS1180, LLCarinUS11420 Communications LLCarinUS121 Communications LLCarinUS190 Communications LLCarinUS1221 Communications LLCarinUS1250 Communications LLCarinUS41662 Communications LLCarinUS61470 Communications LLCarinUS1420 Communications LLCarinUS2220 Communications LLCarinUS140 Communications LLCarinUS110 Communications LLCarinUS100, LLCarinUS000 Communications LLCarinUS1531 Communications LLCarinUS41540 Communications LLCarinUS101222 Communications LLCarinUS2371, LLCarinUS1710 Communications LLCarinUS300, LLCarinUS19700, LLCarinUS10500, LLCarinUS6320 Communications LLCarinUS1170, LLCarinUS96140, LLCarinUS500, LLCarinUS3170, LLCarinUS4430, LLCarinUS61330, LLCarinUS158060 Lilly and CompanyarinUS330 Lilly and CompanyarinUS21100 Lilly and CompanyarinUS1027880


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