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Summary for subnet

LocationUnited States (US) us flag
Number of domains hosted56,158
Number of nameservers hosted3,044
Number of mailservers hosted21,620
Number of SPAM hosts hosted516
Number of IDN domains hosted0
Number of domains in Alexa top million295
Number of IP routes5,530

Subnets based on RIR allocations

SubnetDescriptionRIRCountry#routes#domains#spamhosts,8537 Cable Communications, LLCarinUS11,5305 Communications IncarinUS333342 Communications IncarinUS121611 Cable Communications Holdings, IarinUS1340 Cable Communications Holdings, IarinUS1221 Cable Communications Holdings, IarinUS1261 Communications IncarinUS190 Communications IncarinUS6100 Communications IncarinUS2290 CABLE TELEVISION INC.arinUS1630 CABLE TELEVISION INC.arinUS110 CommunicationsarinUS100 CABLE TELEVISION INC.arinUS250 CABLE TELEVISION INC.arinUS440 CABLE TELEVISION INC.arinUS450 Communications IncarinUS100 Communications IncarinUS200 Communications IncarinUS4551 ConnectionsarinUS44510 Communications IncarinUS18230 Communications LLCarinUS78702 Groupe Videotron LteearinCA51,69912 CablearinUS430 Communications Canada Inc.arinCA160 ChannelarinUS2120 OnlinearinUS1300 Communications IncarinUS96504 TELECOMarinUS1770 Internet ServicesarinUS100 Communications LLCarinUS1160 Communications LLCarinUS1100 Communications LLCarinUS20210 Communications LLCarinUS1130 Communications LLCarinUS110 Network IncarinCA100 Cablevision of Puerto RicoarinUS512210 Cablevision of Puerto RicoarinUS3182 Communications LLCarinUS180 Finance LLCarinUS1590 Finance LLCarinUS1290 Finance LLCarinUS120 Telecom LLCarinUS100 Open WestarinUS101 Finance LLCarinUS120 Finance LLCarinUS270 Finance LLCarinUS1130 Communications IncarinUS45543 OnlinearinUS13494 Groupe Videotron LteearinCA3120 CABLE INC.arinUS1220 CommunicationsarinUS000 CABLEVISIONarinUS100 Wave CommunicationsarinUS210 Wave CommunicationsarinUS400 Wave CommunicationsarinUS800 Amos inc.arinCA16160 Rico Cable Acquisition Company InarinPR654714 Communications, LLCarinUS3120 BroadbandarinUS1200 MediaarinUS1040 TELECOMarinUS1380 CommunicationsarinUS240 TELECOMarinUS15110 COMPANIES, LLCarinUS170 TELECOMarinUS16110 CABLE TELEVISION INC.arinUS810 CABLE TELEVISION INC.arinUS400 CABLE TELEVISION INC.arinUS100 CommunicationsarinUS070 CABLE TELEVISION INC.arinUS100 CABLE TELEVISION INC.arinUS200 CommunicationsarinUS100 CABLE TELEVISION INC.arinUS100 CABLE TELEVISION INC.arinUS200 CABLE TELEVISION INC.arinUS120 CABLE TELEVISION INC.arinUS100 CommunicationsarinUS000 CABLE TELEVISION INC.arinUS120 CABLE TELEVISION INC.arinUS200 CABLE TELEVISION INC.arinUS470 Communications LLCarinUS2140 Communications Holdings, Inc.arinCA150 MediaarinUS1350 COMMUNICATIONS INC.arinCA1260 Communications Holdings, Inc.arinCA151 CommunicationsarinUS000 BroadbandarinUS440 CommunicationsarinCA140 Cablevision of Puerto RicoarinUS27831 CorporationarinUS800 COMPANIES, LLCarinUS390 Communications, Inc.arinUS500

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