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Summary for subnet

LocationAsia/Pacific Region (AP) ap flag
Number of domains hosted195,721
Number of nameservers hosted98,652
Number of mailservers hosted58,229
Number of SPAM hosts hosted1,905
Number of IDN domains hosted3,946
Number of domains in Alexa top million959
Number of IP routes2,151

Subnets based on RIR allocations

SubnetDescriptionRIRCountry#routes#domains#spamhosts Zhejiang province networkapnicCN2628 Shanghai province networkapnicCN26273 jiangsu province networkapnicCN291955 jiangsu province networkapnicCN421,18037 fujian province networkapnicCN131,68910 Unicom Heilongjiang province netwoapnicCN16035 Unicom Heilongjiang province netwoapnicCN11,14612 Unicom Heilongjiang province netwoapnicCN11154 Unicom Hebei province networkapnicCN114,0063 Unicom Hebei province networkapnicCN1761 Guangdong province networkapnicCN61877 Guangdong province networkapnicCN255012 Guangdong province networkapnicCN83,51554 guangdong province networkapnicCN16414 node ip poolapnicCN612710 Unicom Neimeng province networkapnicCN31144 Anhui province networkapnicCN11,64725 Unicom Liaoning province networkapnicCN32,96123 Network Communications Group CorpoapnicCN251149 Unicom Jilin province networkapnicCN12509 Unicom Henan province networkapnicCN12,21459 SHapnicCN812,02918 Centry InfoComm Tech. Co., Ltd.apnicTW611,5216 Internet Service ProviderapnicID020 Corp.apnicJP160 Taiwan Co. Ltd.apnicTW310 Taiwan Co. Ltd.apnicTW300 Taiwan Co. Ltd.apnicTW5100 Internet Service Inc.apnicKR554,70810 Network Information CenterapnicJP443,0535 Broadband Co LtdapnicKR51061 Broadband Co LtdapnicKR44054 Broadband Co LtdapnicKR203294 Unicom Shandong province networkapnicCN62,21641 Unicom Liaoning province networkapnicCN35,28721 Unicom IP networkapnicCN21847 yunnan province networkapnicCN161 yunnan province networkapnicCN322713 jiangxi province networkapnicCN93,33127 Fujian province networkapnicCN768610 Fujian province networkapnicCN11144 Unicom Tianjin province networkapnicCN4274 Unicom Tianjin province networkapnicCN622214 Chongqing province networkapnicCN329311 Hangzhou node networkapnicCN51,589292 Changsha node networkapnicCN41,189165 Shanghai province networkapnicCN741516 Shanghai province networkapnicCN699515 xinjiang province networkapnicCN713,62152 sichuan province networkapnicCN378,032195 Network Information CenterapnicCN361611 Network Information CenterapnicCN1214336 Network Information CenterapnicCN010 Epp Store Technology Co.,Ltd.apnicCN000 Network Information CenterapnicCN000 Multimedia Transmission NetworkapnicCN290 Internet Pty Ltd.apnicAU000 Internet Peering ExchangeapnicAU100 Internet Pty Ltd.apnicAU000,Internet Exchange Point,Okayama,apnicJP000 Service NetworkapnicJP000 Service NetworkapnicJP000 Service NetworkapnicJP000 Service NetworkapnicJP000 Internet network information cenapnicVN000 Internet Pty Ltd.apnicAU000 Internet Pty Ltd.apnicAU000 Internet network information cenapnicVN000, Inc.apnicJP100 Kong Internet ExchangeapnicHK000 DOTCOM SDN BHDapnicMY100 Internet Pty Ltd.apnicAU000 North Internet ExchangeapnicNZ000 EASTGATE is an ixp provider in MAapnicMY010 Peering ExchangeapnicNZ000 Internet ExchangeapnicNZ000 Internet ExchangeapnicNZ000 - Wellington Regional InterneapnicNZ000, Internet Exchange Point, IndoneapnicID000 Internet eXchange - Blok AddreapnicID000 Internet eXchange - Blok AddreapnicID000 Internet eXchange - Blok AddreapnicID000 Internet eXchange - Blok AddreapnicID000 Internet eXchange - Blok AddreapnicID000 Internet eXchange - Blok AddreapnicID000 Internet eXchange - Blok AddreapnicID000 Internet eXchange - Blok AddreapnicID000, Internet Exchange Point, IndoneapnicAU000,apnicAU100 Public company, NSP,ISP,Bangkok,ThaiapnicTH000 Internet Pty Ltd.apnicAU000 Internet Pty Ltd.apnicAU000 Supra Primatama NusantaraapnicID000 Co., Ltd.apnicJP000 Australian Internet Association,apnicAU1550 Pengendali Internet Malaysia (apnicMY000 MULTIFEED CO.apnicJP000 Company LimitedapnicTH000

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