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Summary for subnet

LocationUnited States (US) us flag
Number of domains hosted3,040,978
Number of nameservers hosted85,543
Number of mailservers hosted559,885
Number of SPAM hosts hosted355
Number of IDN domains hosted222
Number of domains in Alexa top million7,843
Number of IP routes6,254

Subnets based on RIR allocations

SubnetDescriptionRIRCountry#routes#domains#spamhosts 3 Parent, LLCarinUS7800 Communications, LLCarinUS12410 Communications, Inc.arinUS101860 Communications, LLCarinUS52590 Communications Services, Inc. d/b/a arinUS52430 Communications Canada Inc.arinCA552230 Century NetworkarinUS10340 Global, Inc.arinUS512,9633,7161 Technology Services, N.J., LLCarinUS81040 Technology Services Santa Clara,arinUS79722 Technology Services, N.J., LLCarinUS71540 CommunicationsarinUS2330 TechnologiesarinUS161390 Communications Co.arinUS374041 de ArgentinalacnicAR31068 Peer 1arinCA21210,0700 Communications Holdings, Inc.arinCA1600 1 Dedicated HostingarinCA0390 COMMUNICATIONS INC.arinCA0140 Communications Holdings, Inc.arinCA1400 1 Dedicated HostingarinCA38,1911 Internet ServicesarinUS130 USA, Inc.arinUS5131, IncarinUS11,1840 Communications, IncarinUS21870 COAST INTERNET INCORPORATEDarinUS100 Broadband Inc.arinUS110 Electronics Corp.arinUS010 Electronics Corp.arinUS050 Electronics Corp.arinUS200 Communications, LLCarinUS6150 Communications LLCarinUS280 CorporationarinUS430, INC.arinUS3330 CommunicationsarinUS1032, Inc.arinUS476,3501 CanadaarinCA62270 Net, Inc.arinUS000 Services, Inc.arinUS000 Communications IncarinUS2190 Lehigh Intermediate Unit 21arinUS1301, Inc.arinUS31,8201 Communications LLCarinUS11050 PROarinUS162030 Communications Services, Inc. d/b/a arinUS110 Communications Inc.arinCA61690 Cloud ServersarinUS13,1230, National AssociationarinUS21,4740 Internet, Inc.arinUS1110 America, Inc.arinUS100 Networks, Inc.arinUS1220 A&M University System Health ScienarinUS100 Communications Services, Inc. d/b/a arinUS110 Network Information CenterarinUS7330 Net CorporationarinUS197070 InternetarinUS11500 Cable Communications, LLCarinUS232191 America, Inc.arinUS1040 Peer 1arinCA13930 Communications, LLCarinUS35560 Communications, LLCarinUS260 Communications, LLCarinUS100 OREGON TELECOMarinUS190 & Wireless (Cayman Islands) Ltd.arinKY11190 & Wireless (Cayman Islands) Ltd.arinKY1240 Communications, LLCarinUS100 Communications, LLCarinUS130 Communications Inc.arinCA108610 Communications Services, Inc. d/b/a arinUS13991, inc.arinUS5160 ConnectionsarinUS27352, Inc.arinUS19080 Communications, Inc.arinUS7470 Data Cloud Solutions, Inc.arinUS3560 Communications Co-operative LimiarinCA100 Networks IncorporatedarinUS1120 Endurance International Group, Inc.arinUS44390 Communications Inc.arinUS9610 10, Inc.arinUS228960 1 Dedicated HostingarinCA12,3400 Services, Inc.arinUS184261 America, Inc.arinUS3120 Communications, LLCarinUS130 Communications Inc.arinUS160 College of the ArtsarinUS740 Internet CorporationarinUS1880 Communications, LLCarinUS53710

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