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Summary for subnet

LocationUnited States (US) us flag
Number of domains hosted7,696,307
Number of nameservers hosted137,548
Number of mailservers hosted2,304,577
Number of SPAM hosts hosted811
Number of IDN domains hosted1,293
Number of domains in Alexa top million27,160
Number of IP routes12,860

Subnets based on RIR allocations

SubnetDescriptionRIRCountry#routes#domains#spamhosts Computing LLCarinUS1120 & Wireless (Cayman Islands) Ltd.arinKY170 INCarinUS12,4080 Software, Inc.arinUS72890, IncarinUS671,427,9860 Solutions Inc.arinCA21750 CommunicationsarinUS32794 3 Parent, LLCarinUS2100,84117 Government Solutions, Inc.arinUS350 TechnologiesarinUS100 TechnologiesarinUS200 TechnologiesarinUS600 TechnologiesarinUS500 TechnologiesarinUS800 TechnologiesarinUS100 TechnologiesarinUS100 TechnologiesarinUS200 TechnologiesarinUS140 & Guaranty LifearinUS210 of FloridaarinUS100 of Beverly HillsarinUS1530 Systems Consortium, Inc.arinUS330 Global Registry ServicesarinUS120 Research InstitutearinUS110, Inc.arinUS100 Aerospace CorporationarinUS000 of Southern CaliforniaarinUS100, Inc.arinUS130 of UtaharinUS100, Inc.arinUS000 RAND CorporationarinUS1150 UniversityarinUS110 Alamos National LaboratoryarinUS010 Network Information Center (NNIC)arinUS100 Network Information CenterarinUS1120 of California, IrvinearinUS100 HN Information Systems Inc.arinUS000, USAISCarinUS100, USAISCarinUS200, USAISCarinUS100 KalamazooarinUS000 Network Information Center (NNIC)arinUS100 Science and Technology LaboratorripeGB100 Science and Technology LaboratorripeGB100 Science and Technology LaboratorripeGB100 Technologies LLCarinUS180 HN Information Systems Inc.arinUS100 HN Information Systems Inc.arinUS000 HN Information Systems Inc.arinUS000 Technologies CorporationarinUS000 Control ABripeSE160 Public Access UnixarinUS000 InternationalarinUS100 Technical CenterarinUS000 UniversityarinUS000 Network Information Center (NNIC)arinUS100, USAISCarinUS000 UniversityarinUS100 of PennsylvaniaarinUS100 SystemsarinUS000 FanarinUS14910 Network Information Center (NNIC)arinUS100 UniversityarinUS000 CorporationarinUS100 University of TechnologyripeSE100 Park Cancer InstitutearinUS100 Library of MedicinearinUS000 of RochesterarinUS100 Aerospace CorporationarinUS000 Network Information CenterarinUS110, Inc.arinUS000 Products CompanyarinUS000 LParinUS160 National de Recherche en InformripeFR100 Software CorporationarinUS110 de Voluceau - RocquencourtripeFR000 de Voluceau - RocquencourtripeFR000 Technology, Inc.arinUS000 Aeronautics and Space AdministrarinUS000 Network Information CenterarinUS000 UniversityarinUS100 InternationalarinUS100 Capital LLCarinUS210 Network Control CenterarinUS000, LLCarinUS120, LLCarinUS120 Supercomputer Center, Inc.arinUS000 Supercomputer Center, Inc.arinUS000 Supercomputer Center, Inc.arinUS000 State UniversityarinUS000 SystemsarinUS000 of ChicagoarinUS430 Computer Solution Co., Inc.arinUS000 UniversityarinUS100 Internet Security AgencyapnicKR100

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