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Summary for subnet

LocationUnited States (US) us flag
Number of domains hosted30,866
Number of nameservers hosted935
Number of mailservers hosted7,147
Number of SPAM hosts hosted320
Number of IDN domains hosted8
Number of domains in Alexa top million588
Number of IP routes1,553

Subnets based on RIR allocations

SubnetDescriptionRIRCountry#routes#domains#spamhosts RodriguezlacnicHN100 CommunicationslacnicNI21104 Y SERVICIOS SRLlacnicAR500 CorplacnicHN100 SRLlacnicAR850 Bonairiano N.V.lacnicBQ100 Communications Curacao NVlacnicCW750 INTERNATIONAL LIMITEDlacnicTT914 INTERNATIONAL S.A.lacnicUY7250 BOUTILLIERlacnicHT101070 S.A.lacnicCL1600 S.A.lacnicAR500 CHILE S.A.lacnicCL111 Cable Honduras S.A. de C.V.lacnicHN109 Communications Trinidad LimitedlacnicTT3151 Techno-Solutions America, Inc.arinUS010 AIRWAYS PLCripeGB400 Jean Monnet - St EtienneripeFR1200 Vest IKT ASripeNO1530 Atomic Energy AgencyripeAT110 Kentucky UniversityarinUS1170 of MontanaarinUS3840 Computer Systems, Inc. tradinripeGB100 Teknik UniversitesiripeTR8115 TELECOMUNICACIONES S.A. ESPlacnicCO17262 York StatearinUS1550 PLCripeGB5220 UniversityarinUS1110 Services Latin America CorporarinUS131 AGarinUS300 Petrochemical CompanyarinUS120's and St Thomas' NHS Foundation TrusripeGB210 TELECOMUNICACIONES S.A. ESPlacnicCO14463 Canada Ltd.arinCA120 AGripeCH000 Education Special Services AssoarinUS1120 Telefonica Del VisolacnicAR3210 COMUNICATIONS ESTEGIA C.A.lacnicVE570 Barbara UtilitieslacnicCW641 Eletronica e Informatica Ltda melacnicBR1501 PCS de Bolivia S.A.lacnicBO705 Mary and Westfield College, UniverripeGB1720 TECNICO AEROESPACIALlacnicBR320 SantanderSantiagolacnicCL200 Technologies Inc.arinUS000 D.HUB S.p.A.ripeIT100 Valley UniversityarinUS9240 Services LimitedapnicNZ310 of Central ArkansasarinUS110 COLLEGEarinUS130 Inc.arinUS020 (NTTPC Communications, Inc.)apnicJP110 & Decker CorporationarinUS12920 TELECOM AB/TSEripeES100 Art Institutes InternationalarinUS5170 Trust & Savings BankarinUS000 Aeronautics and Space AdministrarinUS010 University HospitalripeFI1110 HeidelbergripeDE100 Optus Pty LtdapnicAU8950 Software, Inc.arinUS100 Tennessee State UniversityarinUS170 CollegearinUS110 HostingarinUS313,0860 ICT NetworkapnicPH3400 ICT NetworkapnicPH900 ICT NetworkapnicPH500 ICT NetworkapnicPH200 INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATIONS apnicPH110 Inc.arinUS000 ICT NetworkapnicPH1100 ICT NetworkapnicPH000 Inc.arinUS21010 Inc.arinUS740 Government InTACT GroupapnicAU110 of MalmoripeSE1270 Academic and Research NetworkripeHR14195 Maritime AdministrationripeSE130 Oceanic and Atmospheric AdminisarinUS200 PCS de Bolivia S.A.lacnicBO510 State UniversityarinUS110 America, Inc.arinUS12,2350 Wallonne des Distributions d'EauripeBE000 Rail CorporationarinUS000 Laboratories, Inc.arinUS000 BernripeCH1780 International Corporation, InfoarinUS010 of MacauapnicMO160 Services LimitedapnicNZ110 ScienceapnicNZ160 Services LimitedapnicNZ100 Services LimitedapnicNZ100 InnovationapnicNZ450 Services LimitedapnicNZ100 Horticulture and Food Research InstiapnicNZ310

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