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Summary for subnet

LocationUnited States (US) us flag
Number of domains hosted43,377
Number of nameservers hosted2,626
Number of mailservers hosted10,864
Number of SPAM hosts hosted195
Number of IDN domains hosted18
Number of domains in Alexa top million590
Number of IP routes1,670

Subnets based on RIR allocations

SubnetDescriptionRIRCountry#routes#domains#spamhosts Research and Education Network (ZafrinicZM1616 InvestmentsarinUS010 Information Technology DivisionarinUS1170 Brunswick Power Holding CorporationarinCA350 ABripeNO11,25822, USAISCarinUS120, USAISCarinUS100 Network Information CenterarinUS510, USAISCarinUS300, USAISCarinUS210 OILarinCA200 (Yalla Online)afrinicEG000 2015 0afrinicTZ3814 Cancer Hospital - Foundation 57afrinicEG110 SARLafrinicCM000 OF HEALTH AND ALLIED SCIENCESafrinicGH100 California EdisonarinUS1330 LimitedarinUS500 AlbertaarinCA020 DATA Services Holdings CorporationarinUS020 DATA Services Holdings CorporationarinUS000 Network Information CenterarinUS010, USAISCarinUS3600, USAISCarinUS1900, USAISCarinUS800, USAISCarinUS200, USAISCarinUS000, USAISCarinUS100, USAISCarinUS000, USAISCarinUS100, USAISCarinUS2810, USAISCarinUS050, USAISCarinUS8710, USAISCarinUS820 Aeronautical UniversityarinUS660 City CouncilapnicNZ2440 UniversityarinUS6260 Lincoln LaboratoryarinUS010, Inc.arinUS100 India Technologies Private LimitedapnicIN200, Inc.arinUS100, Inc.arinUS100, Inc.arinUS100, Inc.arinUS100, Inc.arinUS100 India Technologies Private LimitedapnicIN300, Inc.arinUS100, Inc.arinUS100, Inc.arinUS100 India Technologies Private LimitedapnicIN300, Inc.arinUS300, Inc.arinUS300, Inc.arinUS200, Inc.arinUS100, Inc.arinUS100 (Pacific) Pty LtdapnicAU100, Inc.arinUS100, Inc.arinUS100 India Technologies Private LimitedapnicIN200, Inc.arinUS100, Inc.arinUS100, Inc.arinUS100, Inc.arinUS140 England Medical Center HospitalarinUS030 of Connecticut Health CenterarinUS19200 Development CenterarinUS6640 Investments TrustarinUS92260 Access CenterarinUS000 UniversityarinUS11130 State CollegesarinUS15100 Colleges, State of CarinUS110 Mifflin Harcourt Publishing ComarinUS0240 IT Solutions and Services GmbHripeDE900 Reuters U.S. LLCarinUS100 CollegearinUS140 CollegearinUS21250 Community Health PlanarinUS91230 Kodak CompanyarinUS21350 Cancer InstitutearinUS1840 Systems Inc.arinUS110 de MurciaripeES1380 OG VELFERDSETATEN (NAV)ripeNO1120 SEripeDE65661 Strauss & Co.arinUS9280 Health Sciences CenterarinUS24230 inetnum object for NZDGCapnicNZ120 Australia Bank LimitedapnicAU100 Services Latin America CorporarinUS010 Technologies U.S. Inc.arinUS000 CorporationarinUS91,4030 Pharmaceuticals Inc.arinUS200 UK LimitedripeCH020 OF EVERETTarinUS000 and Marshall CollegearinUS1110 inetnum object for NTU-3apnicSG5452 Communications, LLCarinUS62262 inetnum object for YCTapnicAU0620 International, Inc.arinUS44640

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