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Summary for subnet

LocationUnited States (US) us flag
Number of domains hosted24,460
Number of nameservers hosted1,402
Number of mailservers hosted5,887
Number of SPAM hosts hosted688
Number of IDN domains hosted11
Number of domains in Alexa top million867
Number of IP routes1,663

Subnets based on RIR allocations

SubnetDescriptionRIRCountry#routes#domains#spamhostsñía Dominicana de Teléfonos, C. porlacnicDO210105 Carolina State UniversityarinUS1940 of North Carolina at Chapel HarinUS13050 UniversityarinUS21950 of North Carolina General AdmarinUS2390 Triangle InstitutearinUS2630 State UniversityarinUS230 Carolina State UniversityarinUS2302 Carolina A&T State UniversityarinUS220 Carolina Central UniversityarinUS210 State UniversityarinUS2200 Forest University Baptist Medical CarinUS2670 State UniversityarinUS210 of North Carolina at GreensboarinUS2220 Carolina State UniversityarinUS2310 of North Carolina at CharlottarinUS2180 UniversityarinUS21630 Forest UniversityarinUS2470 of North Carolina at AshevillarinUS230 of North Carolina at Chapel HarinUS22710 of North Carolina at WilmingtarinUS2110 State UniversityarinUS230 Carolina Research and Education NearinUS330 of North Carolina at Chapel HarinUS260 Carolina Research and Education NearinUS100 CollegearinUS120 Carolina Research and Education NearinUS35621 Carolina Research and Education NearinUS1250 Carolina Research and Education NearinUS260 Carolina Research and Education NearinUS110 Carolina UniversityarinUS5210 Carolina Research and Education NearinUS280 UniversityarinUS210 INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATIONS apnicPH331 (HK) Holdings Group LimitedapnicHK413,2173 UniversityarinUS260 Carolina Research and Education NearinUS270 CollegearinUS220 University of CharlottearinUS220 of Mount OlivearinUS400 UniversityarinUS200 UniversityarinUS220 Carolina Research and Education NearinUS200 CollegearinUS240 CollegearinUS250 Piedmont Community CollegearinUS260 Carolina Communications, LLCarinUS930 USA IncarinUS42,2640 CommunicationsarinUS610 Electric CooperativearinUS800 UniversityarinUS2680 Investments LLCarinUS1310 Telephone Cooperative, Inc.arinUS1710 Carolina Research and Education NearinUS1440 Carolina Research and Education NearinUS36981 Carolina Research and Education NearinUS200 Carolina Research and Education NearinUS100 Carolina Research and Education NearinUS100 CorporationarinUS390 (India) Communications Pvt. Ltd.apnicIN020 Carolina Research and Education NearinUS020 Carolina Research and Education NearinUS170 Carolina Research and Education NearinUS000 Jio Infocomm LimitedapnicIN100 Carolina Research and Education NearinUS100 States Geological Survey - EROS DarinUS1260 Management GrouparinUS2620 Communications Services, Inc. d/b/a arinUS100 Global Inc.arinUS000 John's University - College of SaiarinUS1120 University of Technology and EcripeHU22090 Public CloudarinUS110 CorporationarinUS000 CorporationarinUS000 CorporationarinUS231,4240 Trent UniversityripeGB130 Johnson & Son, Inc.arinUS660 A/SripeDK12110 de ConcepcionlacnicCL2711 of AmericaarinUS300 inetnum object for RPAHapnicAU460 Universite Grenoble AlpesripeFR1460 of SouthamptonripeGB12900 of California, DavisarinUS110 Network Information Center (NNIC)arinUS120 Network Information CenterarinUS000 Scientific and Industrial RapnicAU1200 BRASILEIRO DE PESQUISAS FISICASlacnicBR4650 Valley AuthorityarinUS3360 Valley AuthorityarinUS000 Valley AuthorityarinUS000 Lewis Electric CooperativearinUS100 Valley AuthorityarinUS000 Deer Electric Cooperative, Inc.arinUS100 Electric Membership CorporationarinUS100

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