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Summary for subnet

LocationUnited States (US) us flag
Number of domains hosted218,487
Number of nameservers hosted7,196
Number of mailservers hosted32,398
Number of SPAM hosts hosted177
Number of IDN domains hosted453
Number of domains in Alexa top million1,442
Number of IP routes1,324

Subnets based on RIR allocations

SubnetDescriptionRIRCountry#routes#domains#spamhosts Force Systems NetworkingarinUS110 Force Systems NetworkingarinUS400 Force Systems NetworkingarinUS120 Force Systems NetworkingarinUS200 Force Systems NetworkingarinUS300 Force Systems NetworkingarinUS100 Force Systems NetworkingarinUS100 Force Systems NetworkingarinUS200 Network Information CenterarinUS100 Force Systems NetworkingarinUS1630 Force Systems NetworkingarinUS210 Force Systems NetworkingarinUS200 Force Systems NetworkingarinUS010 Network Information CenterarinUS000 Force Systems NetworkingarinUS10300 of TorontoarinCA100 Commercial Aviation SystemsarinUS000 Aerospace LaboratoryripeNL1270 House of RepresentativesarinUS100 CorporationarinUS030 Service Electric and Gas CompanyarinUS200 College at BrockportarinUS120 CollegearinUS120 Communications SectorarinUS100 Network Information CenterarinUS110 CommunicationsarinUS1470 CommunicationsarinUS101292 of Wisconsin - Eau ClairearinUS110, USAISCarinUS010 of New OrleansarinUS1120 LaboratoriesarinUS010 Martin CorporationarinUS190 OyjripeFI010 University College of New York at arinUS120 University College of Technology aarinUS190 Graphics International Corp.arinUS110 Communications Services, Inc. d/b/a arinUS100 Electric Industiral Co., Ltd.arinUS100 Martin CorporationarinUS000 Systems CorporationarinUS110 College DublinripeIE1410 UniversityripeGB11600 UniversityarinUS5160 CorporationarinUS010 AftenbladripeNO210 of Nebraska at OmahaarinUS1340 of HartfordarinUS2370 of AberdeenripeGB100 Grumman Corp.arinUS100 UniversityarinUS7760 Health & Science UniversityarinUS11050 of VirginiaarinUS2140 Lighting Holding B.V.ripeNL000 van TilburgripeNL12260 CorporationarinUS000 LM EricssonripeSE110 Net tech P ltdapnicIN419 Networks LTD (internet service provapnicBD400 INFOTECHapnicIN000 Cross Network IndonesiaapnicID341 4,6/F, Crown world wide building,apnicHK47070 and Security Solutions LimitedapnicHK54640 MobiFone network CenterapnicVN100 Multimedia ? Value Added ServicapnicVN100 MobiFone network CenterapnicVN300 MobiFone network CenterapnicVN100 Operator Center - Branch of MobiapnicVN100 Information Technology CenterapnicVN303 Online LtdapnicBD463 GLOBAL MEDIA PVT. LTD.apnicIN49911 TeleLink Pvt. Ltd.apnicIN100 TeleLink Pvt. Ltd.apnicIN100 ESIN Technology Co., LtdapnicCN000 INTERNET SERVICESapnicIN100 CABLE NETWORKapnicIN305 Electricity Networks Operations Pty apnicAU100 Internet I Pvt LtdapnicIN441 Tech EnterpriseapnicMY000 Communicators Cable LimitedapnicIN52038 ChengQiTong Technology Co.,Ltd.apnicCN000 ELECTRONICSapnicIN100 Netsol (India) Private LimiteapnicIN200 VALLEY TECHNOLOGY LIMITEDapnicHK300 Runsystem Joint Stock CompanyapnicVN11,7930 Ecommerce Sdn.Bhd.apnicMY19930 Communications Asia Public CompanapnicTH402 LEAGUE OF LEGENDSapnicVN450 AfghanapnicAF401 Biznet Gio NusantaraapnicID4581 CELLULARapnicIN100 INDIAapnicIN200 ENTERPRISESapnicIN200 TELECOMMUNICATIONS AND ELECTRONICSapnicIN310 Internet Services PakistanapnicPK400 HK Network OperationsapnicIN15,8800 ELEPHANTapnicBD500 AUDIOapnicIN110 Sumber Koneksi IndonesiaapnicID7114

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