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Summary for subnet

LocationAsia/Pacific Region (AP) ap flag
Number of domains hosted174,669
Number of nameservers hosted3,508
Number of mailservers hosted27,657
Number of SPAM hosts hosted11,012
Number of IDN domains hosted335
Number of domains in Alexa top million1,384
Number of IP routes3,477

Subnets based on RIR allocations

SubnetDescriptionRIRCountry#routes#domains#spamhosts Ltd.)apnicJP1260 WEST Co., Ltd.apnicJP540 Inc.apnicPH601805 Techorus Corp.apnicJP2390 JAPAN Corp.apnicJP200 JAPAN Corp.apnicJP71580 JAPAN Corp.apnicJP200 Techorus Corp.apnicJP3340 Techorus Corp.apnicJP354,1560 TelecomapnicAU155121 TelecomapnicAU62230 TelecomapnicAU112460 DACOM CorporationapnicKR1380 Telecommunication Co. LtdapnicJP40241 INFOTEL LTD.apnicIN60787775 public company limitedapnicTH1566645 Public Company Limited BangkokapnicTH1622239 CorporationapnicJP5430 InternetapnicJP1540, Inc.apnicJP110 Suwon Broadcasting CorporationapnicKR500 Radio & Television network Co.apnicCN110 Unicom Jilin province networkapnicCN120212 Unicom Beijing province networkapnicCN55812 Unicom Beijing province networkapnicCN8198 Unicom Beijing province networkapnicCN141713 Unicom Tianjin province networkapnicCN271 Unicom Tianjin province networkapnicCN157339 Unicom Henan province networkapnicCN21,236108 (KDDI CORPORATION)apnicJP81260, Inc.apnicJP170 Technologies, Inc.apnicSG2120 CO.apnicKR36111 ty co phan mang luoi ky thuat caoapnicVN000 Network Center Inc.apnicJP100 Daqing ofTechnology NetworkapnicCN410 Cable TV LtdapnicHK15267 INFORMATION RESOURCES SERVICEapnicKR481060 Information TechnologyapnicKR32400 Broadband IncorporatedapnicPH43100 Broadband Co LtdapnicKR11510 Networks & Technologies LTD.apnicCN100 Kuancom Network Technology Co.,LapnicCN23450 Beijing HostingapnicGB43060, NO.565 FUK WA STREET CHEUNG SHA WAapnicHK13,1570 Hosting LtdripeGB100, Internet Service ProviderapnicAU460 SOFTSOL PVT LTDapnicIN000 Singh t/a K.S.G. Trade InfosysteapnicIN41570 EnterprisesapnicPK400 Bukalapak.comapnicID000 TELESONIC INFRASTRUCTUREapnicIN501 BROADBANDapnicIN235 BROADBANDapnicIN211 TAEGU BROADCASTINGapnicKR800 IDC Business in TaiWanapnicTW16180 (AUSTRALIA) PTY LTDapnicAU32380 CORPORATIONapnicJP1590 PresenceapnicAU188750 Spectra Pvt LtdapnicIN377322 Macquarie Park (OCS)apnicAU010 Macquarie Park (OCS)apnicAU000 Sichuan province networkapnicCN6242,919670 QINGHAI province networkapnicCN111937 Guangxi province networkapnicCN25316 Gansu province networkapnicCN11,25742 Gansu province networkapnicCN210 Shanxi(SN) province networkapnicCN43,57214 Fujian province networkapnicCN97,63816 Fujian province networkapnicCN14392 Chongqing province networkapnicCN116391 Guangdong province networkapnicCN569,882262 Communications Co., Ltd.apnicCN2280 Communications Co., Ltd.apnicCN510 CABLE AND DATACOM LIMITEDapnicIN15012269 CorporationapnicJP11,1940 Taizhou node networkapnicCN1962,229 Jinhua node networkapnicCN35285,041 TelecomapnicKR596,877118 Telekomunikasi IndonesiaapnicID25568144 TELKOM INDONESIAapnicID371033 TELKOM INDONESIAapnicID48927 TELKOM INDONESIAapnicID1452268 PTY LTDapnicAU38500 Highway BroadBand Network ServapnicCN010 Computer NetworkapnicJP1150 Ltd.apnicCN11630 Computer NetworkapnicJP1400 POWERCOMMapnicKR630163 Inc.apnicJP1351 Inc.apnicJP11671 Computer NetworkapnicJP13,9845 Primezone Technologies Inc.apnicCN368213 Suwon Broadcasting CorporationapnicKR940 Cyberindo AditamaapnicID9110

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