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Summary for subnet

LocationAsia/Pacific Region (AP) ap flag
Number of domains hosted560,035
Number of nameservers hosted13,681
Number of mailservers hosted54,477
Number of SPAM hosts hosted6,778
Number of IDN domains hosted340
Number of domains in Alexa top million1,366
Number of IP routes4,554

Subnets based on RIR allocations

SubnetDescriptionRIRCountry#routes#domains#spamhosts of Foreign AffairsapnicTH970 TelecomapnicKR000 Asia Sdn BhdapnicMY20350 Cable NetworkapnicKR410 Oil Communication CO.apnicCN16660 road, Shanghai, ChinaapnicCN030 Communications CorporationapnicJP15,7640 SHANDONG PROVINCE NETWORKapnicCN132446 Technologies Co.,LtdapnicCN255631 ServiceapnicCN2074,2020 ServiceapnicHK5059,9728 Hanoi Times Network TechnologyapnicCN4502 Radio InternationalapnicCN100 CNISP Technology Co., Ltd.apnicCN000 Radio InternationalapnicCN210 Radio InternationalapnicCN000 Radio InternationalapnicCN000 Radio InternationalapnicCN000 CNISP Technology Co., Ltd.apnicCN2720 CNISP Technology Co., Ltd.apnicCN600 CNISP Technology Co., Ltd.apnicCN010, Metropolis Tower, No.2, Haidian NoapnicCN000 Dragon Telecom Co., Ltd.apnicCN000 CNISP Technology Co., Ltd.apnicCN3300 Yiwangxin Technology Co;Ltd.apnicCN42530 Internet Pte LtdapnicSG694414 Jingdong 360 Degree E-commerce CapnicCN050 Unicom Guangdong province networkapnicCN524552 RHTD Network Technology Co.,Ltd.apnicCN42910, Building 2, Huihuang InternatioapnicCN50160 Technology (Beijing) Co., LtapnicCN310,0574 space is statically assignedapnicIN541684 Communications CorporationapnicJP16,0048 POWERCOMMapnicKR321120 Networks Management Co.,Ltd.apnicCN9140 Xing YuanNew Power Technology CoapnicCN65,7002 LimitedapnicAU110 Network CorporationapnicJP100 Internet Pty LimitedapnicAU160 Telindo Nusantara.apnicID8220 NETWORK CENTER INC.apnicJP110 Cable network Inc.apnicJP100 Communications (Pvt.) LtdapnicPK310 Mora Quatro MultimediaapnicID335 Telecom Pte LtdapnicIN701 TELEGRAPH AND TELEFHONE WEST CORPapnicJP100 Telecommunications Co., Ltd.apnicJP300 JapanapnicJP1190 JapanapnicJP6560 SERVICE PROVIDERapnicIN120 Haizhiguang communication techapnicCN020 NEW ZEALAND TRADING LIMITEDapnicNZ7147328 NEW ZEALAND TRADING LIMITEDapnicNZ31451 NEW ZEALAND TRADING LIMITEDapnicNZ52432 TieTong Telecommunications CorporaapnicCN7223,4278 Unicom Jiangsu province networkapnicCN5229137 LimitedapnicIN42390 Co , LtdapnicTW000 LimitedapnicAU14100 CYBERNETapnicBD910 niigata co.,ltd.apnicJP000 the Wire Pty LtdapnicAU15540 Pty LtdapnicAU5500 3 NET TECHNOLOGIES PVT. LTD.apnicIN4350 Pty LtdapnicAU71330 Pty LtdapnicAU61970 TELEGRAPH AND TELEFHONE WEST CORPapnicJP100 CorporationapnicJP100 BROADBAND NETWORKapnicTW1321 Inc.apnicKR100 Tonghui Netlink Data Technology apnicCN16420 Australia Pty LtdapnicAU360 Om ConsultancyapnicIN8147 TelecommunicationsapnicBD781 Hipernet IndodataapnicID9517 Megaxus InfotechapnicID7280 Broadband Corp.apnicJP000 Network Technology Ltd.apnicCN100 TelecomapnicCN000 Pty Ltd,apnicAU11640 Pty Ltd,apnicAU11110 LimitedapnicNZ170 Plus Pty LtdapnicAU3980 - Hanoi Commercial Joint Stock BaapnicVN120 Soft SolutionapnicIN000 Broadband & Internet ServicesapnicIN811 Telecommunications Co., Ltd.apnicJP320 Networks CorporationapnicJP14450 INTERNET - RETAILapnicAU770 INTERNET - RETAILapnicAU9300 INTERNET - RETAILapnicAU8330

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