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Summary for subnet

LocationAsia/Pacific Region (AP) ap flag
Number of domains hosted221,014
Number of nameservers hosted5,211
Number of mailservers hosted54,256
Number of SPAM hosts hosted2,051
Number of IDN domains hosted430
Number of domains in Alexa top million632
Number of IP routes3,680

Subnets based on RIR allocations

SubnetDescriptionRIRCountry#routes#domains#spamhosts Co.,Ltd.apnicJP9530 Next GapnicHK1961 Cable TV Co., Ltd.apnicJP100 Service Provider, Bayan Baru, PapnicMY117,8153 Telecommunications Co., Ltd.apnicJP310 Net,Inc.apnicJP31511 Net,Inc.apnicJP12721 UBR 10K CMTS IP PoolapnicPH410 Infoway Pvt. Ltd.apnicIN811 15, 60 Martin PlaceapnicAU1000 Orion Cyber InternetapnicID151,3312 Samoa LimitedapnicWS540 PTY LTDapnicAU1100 CorporationapnicJP120 Suwon Broadcasting CorporationapnicKR2131 Unicom InnerMongolia province netwapnicCN1612 Broadband Co LtdapnicKR123,50318 Unicom InnerMongolia province netwapnicCN125036 INTERNET - RETAILapnicAU201320 EasTone Telecommunication Co., Ltd.apnicTW583 INTERNET - RETAILapnicAU690 CableNet (Pvt) LtdapnicNP243224 Pvt. Ltd.apnicPK872 Sankuai Technology Co.,Ltd., HuhapnicCN000 Sankuai Technology Co.,Ltd., HuzapnicCN000 LimitedapnicNZ1750,5940 INCapnicKR030 DONGSEO BROADCASTINGapnicKR3210 W. Katella Ave.apnicTH8029,0399 Daejeon Broadcasting Co,.LtdapnicKR1891 Agency for Scientific and TechnapnicVN100 Mobile Join Stock CompanyapnicVN7190 Info Lintas NusaapnicID6442 Internet Service ProviderapnicFJ100 Suwon Broadcasting CorporationapnicKR500 COMMUNICATIONS & NETWORKapnicKR44192 WiMAX/IMS environmentapnicPK29030186 Yunlin Network Technology Co.,LtapnicCN265,6873 ABDUL MOMIN MONJUR t/a Arin TelecomapnicBD400 IT Solutions PVT LTDapnicIN200 Media SysapnicIN400 MyE Information Technology co.,LtdapnicCN100 Services LimitedapnicNZ110 TOKYO CorporationapnicJP100 The Wire Pty LtdapnicAU160 The Wire Pty LtdapnicAU1110 CO.,LTDapnicJP100 LinkapnicIN000 Placement ServicesapnicIN000 Communications Pvt LtdapnicIN000 Islam t/a Dynamic Web LaboratoryapnicBD000 Internet Inc.apnicJP1390 Technology Corp.apnicCN200 SystemsapnicAU000 SystemsapnicAU000 Cakra Lintas NusantaraapnicID431, Inc.apnicJP100 Telecommunications Service Center (SapnicVN2260 Pacific Network Information CentreapnicKR1611 Pacific Network Information CentreapnicKR1642 DACOM KIDCapnicKR219,5351 Hello Co., Ltd.apnicKR4983 YUTEL Network Co. LtdapnicCN000 PHP Bld. 15th Fl Phaholyothin Rd apnicTH925119 Cable Vision CO.,LTDapnicJP110 Satellite Systems Pty LtdapnicAU000 CorporationapnicJP1200 ARE A SATELLITE BASED BROADBANDapnicIN101 Technology Services Co., Ltd.apnicJP130 PlaymediaapnicID825416 TELECOMMUNICATION NETWORK Co.,IapnicJP1550 Co.,Ltd.apnicJP11140 Telecom Inc.apnicTW1106 Web Communications Inc.apnicJP11,9920 Service ProviderapnicPH193730 Hosting and Dedicated Server ProvideapnicJP12,4040 Datong Coal Group Communication CapnicCN513 Unicom HuNan province networkapnicCN11,35255,Inc.apnicJP1690 Telecom (GMCR,INC)apnicPH125762 BroadbandapnicPH11141 Star Information Hi.tech Ltd. Co.apnicCN3120{9c6+J3F7R)F7V0R5Q'T:~}apnicCN3160 Network Communications Inc.apnicJP1240 TelecomapnicKR147 Unicom Guangxi province networkapnicCN11778 Internet Inc.apnicJP110 Co.,Ltd.apnicJP110 Internet Inc.apnicJP110 Co.,Ltd.apnicJP010 Co.,Ltd.apnicJP000 Co.,Ltd.apnicJP100 Co.,Ltd.apnicJP000 Communications CorporationapnicJP000 Communications CorporationapnicJP000

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