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Summary for subnet

LocationUnited States (US) us flag
Number of domains hosted3,606,837
Number of nameservers hosted23,255
Number of mailservers hosted641,598
Number of SPAM hosts hosted435
Number of IDN domains hosted500
Number of domains in Alexa top million9,953
Number of IP routes2,874

Subnets based on RIR allocations

SubnetDescriptionRIRCountry#routes#domains#spamhosts Cable Communications, LLCarinUS543,7123 Cable Communications, LLCarinUS11681 Peer 1arinCA143,3763 Dot Net, Inc.arinUS168540 LLCarinUS830,3723 TechnologiesarinUS109,3380 Communications LLCarinUS61741 Warner Cable Internet LLCarinUS6349812, Inc.arinUS322550, Inc.arinUS772,4437 Communications, Inc.arinUS670 Communications, Inc.arinUS27230 Mobility LLCarinUS46816014 Corp.arinUS17134 Communications, IncarinUS123071 TECH INCarinUS28261,70810 Enterprises LLCarinUS118,0430,9624 LLCarinUS351,0550 IncarinUS1678,2032 CorporationarinUS104200 CORPORATIONarinUS200,9890 Veri Merkezi Ltd. StiripeTR52,8540 Veri Merkezi Ltd. StiripeTR52,8140 Veri Merkezi Ltd. StiripeTR51,9620 Veri Merkezi Ltd. StiripeTR51,0950 CORPORATIONarinUS210 CORPORATIONarinUS3441, Inc.arinUS110 CORPORATIONarinCA150 SHELLSarinUS11,8070 L.L.CarinUS347,1463 IncarinUS251,1870 L.L.C.arinUS6138,7263, LLCarinUS3340 INCarinUS13250 Telephone Co INCarinUS221 Coast State CollegearinUS120 Ltd.arinCA1140 Server Solutions L.L.C.arinUS162,5552 Communications Systems Group, IncarinUS180 Net Solutions Inc.arinCA401,5280 PC Communications,Inc.apnicJP050 IncarinUS22187,9090 IncarinUS503,1143 LLCarinUS645,9141 DirectarinUS22,5060 Network LLCarinUS810,6741, INC.arinUS100 CorporationarinUS676,1690 NetworksarinUS3123,2293 Inc.arinCA43300 LLCarinUS6463,1041 NETWORKS INC.arinCA440 Networks, LLCarinUS140 Hosting LLCarinUS100 Networks, LLCarinUS000 Technologies Inc.arinCA100 Enterprises LLCarinUS42,4350 inc.arinCA190, LLCarinUS11,7080 LLCarinUS200 NetworksarinUS090 Inc.arinUS1640 Financial Technologies LLCarinUS010 CorporationarinUS100 Inc.arinUS100 Networks CloudlinkarinCA000 Inc.arinUS120 Inc.arinUS1320 TELCO SERVICES, INC.arinUS060 LTDripeEU166180, Inc.arinUS229,1651 State Telephone, Inc.arinUS1620 ParinUS1290 TV Cable IncarinUS1000 of Bardstown, KentuckyarinUS000 of Bardstown, KentuckyarinUS000 of Bardstown, KentuckyarinUS000 of Bardstown, KentuckyarinUS000 of Bardstown, KentuckyarinUS000 of Bardstown, KentuckyarinUS000 of Bardstown, KentuckyarinUS000, IncarinUS701,8950 ONLINE GROUP LLCarinUS163,8623,7563 Landscape, Inc.arinUS100,4752 LLCarinUS325,5830,0231 Software Americas LLCarinUS740 Inc.arinUS100 LLCarinUS17620 Communications CorporationarinUS32793 Networks, LLCarinUS200 Networks, LLCarinUS300

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