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Summary for subnet

LocationAsia/Pacific Region (AP) ap flag
Number of domains hosted285,352
Number of nameservers hosted6,702
Number of mailservers hosted70,025
Number of SPAM hosts hosted1,281
Number of IDN domains hosted239
Number of domains in Alexa top million1,619
Number of IP routes2,200

Subnets based on RIR allocations

SubnetDescriptionRIRCountry#routes#domains#spamhosts FUJIAN PROVINCE NETWORKapnicCN000 Universal BroadbandapnicID7211 Pacenet (I) Pvt. LtdapnicIN1830 Pacific Pty LtdapnicAU272,6832 International Inc.apnicTW400 FUJIAN PROVINCE NETWORKapnicCN120 533, Building 9apnicHK41420 universityapnicKR100 Data(Hong Kong)LimitedapnicHK167,2733 Corp.apnicKR32650 CATV CO.,LTD.apnicJP111, Incorporated)apnicJP1121 (India) Communications Pvt. Ltd.apnicIN000 CATV CO.,LTD.apnicJP100 Online Limited.apnicBD967 2, 172 Milperra RoadapnicAU51060 FUJIAN PROVINCE NETWORKapnicCN190 Airtel Lanka Pvt. LimitedapnicLK14015 PTY LTDapnicAU300 Intelligent Fiber Optic Network CapnicTW1100 Education and Research NetworkapnicCN44611 Mobile Co., Ltd.apnicTW54319 Unicom Hebei province networkapnicCN192136 CNISP Technology Co., Ltd.apnicCN030 ShuJuJia Technology Co., Ltd.apnicCN7203 Technology (Beijing) Co., LtapnicCN1360 Computing Co., LTDapnicCN327,3891 Teletron Telecom Engineering Co.apnicCN1190 Teletron Telecom Engineering Co.apnicCN9420 Technologies Inc.apnicCN1510 Beon IntermediaapnicID411,6930 Networks Co.LTDapnicJP100 Sankuai Technology Co.,Ltd., QuzapnicCN000 Sankuai Technology Co.,Ltd., QuaapnicCN000 Cyberindo AditamaapnicID1410 Fureai Inc.apnicJP300 Fureai Inc.apnicJP300 FUJIAN PROVINCE NETWORKapnicCN130 Broadband Corp.apnicJP100 (Pvt) LtdapnicPK60241 Networks CorporationapnicJP120 Public Company LimitedapnicTH681414 CHANGAN SERVICES Ltd.apnicCN42200 Corporation branch in Ho Chi MinhapnicVN54203 INC.apnicJP3190 FUJIAN PROVINCE NETWORKapnicCN1226 Broadband Corp.apnicJP130 Inc.apnicJP5810 Networks Private LimitedapnicIN563,7332, Inc.apnicUS1190 Internet Services PakistanapnicPK2800 HS-NET Technology CO.,LtdapnicCN510 Data Telecommunication Co., Ltd.apnicKR904,7392 Telecommunications Co., Ltd.apnicJP320 Co.,Ltd.apnicJP100 Guangdong province networkapnicCN000 CHUO TV Co.,ltd.apnicJP100 Cable Telecom Co.,Ltd.apnicJP100 Italia srlripeIT040 ZheJiang Province NetworkapnicCN116,345543 Unicom Hebei province networkapnicCN13027{K^G(Q'T:~}apnicCN3321 FUJIAN PROVINCE NETWORKapnicCN1222 CorporationapnicJP250 of Telecommunications LaoapnicLA921 Solutions Sdn BhdapnicMY1731 Technology Corp.apnicCN010 Pte LtdapnicSG131 HK LimitedapnicHK114,4579,0451 SHANGHAI PROVINCE NETWORKapnicCN41,286101 Guangdong province networkapnicCN000 FUJIAN PROVINCE NETWORKapnicCN300 Company.,ltdapnicVN400 Guangdong province networkapnicCN000 Information System Service Co.,LapnicJP101 CorporationapnicVN642813 Wintimes Telecom Technology Co,LapnicCN1340 Japan Enterprise K.K.apnicJP1110 Australia Pty LtdapnicAU500 Japan Enterprise K.K.apnicJP000 Japan Enterprise K.K.apnicJP010 Services LimitedapnicNZ1428212 Telecom Infrastructure CompanyapnicVN6164819 Technology Sdn BhdapnicMY148,1571 Guangdong province networkapnicCN1000 CommunicationsapnicGU311 Communications LtdapnicNZ1360 Pure Bundle MyRepublic NZapnicNZ302334 TelecomapnicSG322296 Internet Solutions Pte LtdapnicSG4321,0310 des Postes et des Telecomm. de NoapnicNC120 Guangdong province networkapnicCN000 FUJIAN PROVINCE NETWORKapnicCN000 Network Information CenterapnicTW1570 FUJIAN PROVINCE NETWORKapnicCN000

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