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Summary for subnet

LocationAsia/Pacific Region (AP) ap flag
Number of domains hosted49,692
Number of nameservers hosted2,243
Number of mailservers hosted13,697
Number of SPAM hosts hosted4,257
Number of IDN domains hosted124
Number of domains in Alexa top million374
Number of IP routes2,688

Subnets based on RIR allocations

SubnetDescriptionRIRCountry#routes#domains#spamhosts and Cloudflare DNS Resolver projecapnicAU12870 FUJIAN PROVINCE NETWORKapnicCN070 FUJIAN PROVINCE NETWORKapnicCN020 It Pty LtdapnicAU510 Guangdong province networkapnicCN020,inc.apnicJP100 Guangdong province networkapnicCN000 Communications,Inc.apnicJP180 IP Address for residential BroadapnicTH4241 FUJIAN PROVINCE NETWORKapnicCN020 and Cloudflare DNS Resolver projecapnicAU111,2950 FUJIAN PROVINCE NETWORKapnicCN0400 FUJIAN PROVINCE NETWORKapnicCN020 Tech (shanghai)apnicCN140 Guangdong province networkapnicCN000 Guangdong province networkapnicCN0100 Guangdong province networkapnicCN030 Guangdong province networkapnicCN120 Guangdong province networkapnicCN020,inc.apnicJP262470 IP Address for residential BroadapnicTH3776 FUJIAN PROVINCE NETWORKapnicCN0420 Techonlogy (BeiJing) Co.,Ltd.apnicCN0130 Debogon ProjectapnicAU01,8630 Network Information CenterapnicCN1340 FUJIAN PROVINCE NETWORKapnicCN040 FUJIAN PROVINCE NETWORKapnicCN0320 Network Information CenterapnicCN000 Guangdong province networkapnicCN010 Guangdong province networkapnicCN110 Guangdong province networkapnicCN000 Guangdong province networkapnicCN020 Guangdong province networkapnicCN020 Guangdong province networkapnicCN000 IP Address for residential BroadapnicTH3924 Guangdong province networkapnicCN31150 Debogon ProjectapnicAU010 FUJIAN PROVINCE NETWORKapnicCN010 FUJIAN PROVINCE NETWORKapnicCN030 Techonlogy (BeiJing) Co.,Ltd.apnicCN010 FUJIAN PROVINCE NETWORKapnicCN020 FUJIAN PROVINCE NETWORKapnicCN000 Guangdong province networkapnicCN000 Guangdong province networkapnicCN000 Guangdong province networkapnicCN200 Guangdong province networkapnicCN200 IP Address for residential BroadapnicTH3616 Corp.apnicJP190 LimitedapnicIN567914 Techonlogy (BeiJing) Co.,Ltd.apnicCN1640, Telekom Malaysia Bhd.apnicMY121821 Guangdong province networkapnicCN01270 FUJIAN PROVINCE NETWORKapnicCN000 Debogon ProjectapnicAU010 FUJIAN PROVINCE NETWORKapnicCN000 FUJIAN PROVINCE NETWORKapnicCN000 Guangdong province networkapnicCN000 Guangdong province networkapnicCN010 Guangdong province networkapnicCN200 Public Company LimitedapnicTH86104 Hello Co., Ltd.apnicKR27273 Founder Broadband Network TechnoapnicCN0130 TECHNOLOGYapnicKR1860 Mobile Co LTDapnicTH14794 Networks CorporationapnicJP14282 Infinet Ltd.apnicIN522120130 unicom InnerMongolia province netwapnicCN164179 Malaysia BerhadapnicMY4308 Telecom, ConnectPlusapnicSG000 CONSULTANCY PTE LTDapnicSG585695 PC Communications,Inc.apnicJP13,9131 Communication Business Group,apnicTW496524 Kong Telecommunications (HKT) LimitapnicHK91252 TelecomsapnicPH410 Essar Limited GPRS serviceapnicIN52372 INTERNET - RETAILapnicAU5462 Optus Pty LtdapnicAU890 CheeryZone Scitech Co.,LtdapnicCN5260 Access Communication PLCapnicTH601391 GUIZHOU PROVINCE NETWORKapnicCN11281 ningxia province networkapnicCN1410 Education and Research NetworkapnicCN320 Telecom CompanyapnicVN205359728 Unicom Heilongjiang province netwoapnicCN154661 Kong Telecommunications (HKT) LimitapnicHK202138 DoCoMo, Inc.apnicJP2210 SHANXI PROVINCE NETWORKapnicCN14084 DoCoMo, Inc.apnicJP21590 SHAANXI PROVINCE NETWORKapnicCN5858526 GEHUA CATV NETWORK CO., LTD.apnicCN2440 Teletron Telecom Engineering Co.apnicCN48820 Teletron Telecom Engineering Co.apnicCN4120 TelecomapnicKR1220 Corp.apnicJP1720 Jingdong 360 Degree E-commerce CapnicCN010 of Fashion(Beijing)Information apnicCN1712 Wish Network Technology CO.,LTD.apnicCN41402

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