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The Autonomous System (AS) number 55933 is assigned to Cloudie Limited. AS55933 is assigned on 2010-12-10 by the Regional Internet Registry apnic. The country of registration is Hong Kong. At least 188,602 domains are hosted on AS55933. Examples of domains are tfmy1.com and readyforgoodapple.com. At least 704 name servers are hosted on AS55933. Examples of name servers are ns1.domainnamedns.com and ns2.domainnamedns.com. There are 178 IPv4 prefixes announced by AS55933. Examples of prefixes are and There are 8 IPv6 prefixes announced by AS55933. Examples of prefixes are 2404:8c80::/32 and 2403:3a40::/32.

book General Information

AS number55933 (AS55933 / ASN55933)
OrganizationCloudie Limited
CountryHong Kong (HK) hk flag
Allocation date2010-12-10 by APNIC
Number of IPv4 addresses178,688
ASRank (based on number of IPs)1,189
Number of IP prefixes178 (IPv4) 8 (IPv6)
Number of peers22 (IPv4) 3 (IPv6)

trending_up Hosting Summary

Number of domains hosted188,602
Number of adult domains hosted109
Number of name servers hosted704
Number of SPAM hosts hosted24
Number of open proxies hosted0
Number of mail servers hosted1,990
Number of IDN domains hosted206
Number of domains in Alexa top million113

import_export IP Prefixes and Peers

2404:8c80::/32HK hk flagCloudie Limited
2403:3a40::/32CN cn flagguangzhou pangu link company limited
2403:3b40::/32CN cn flagguangzhou ronghua link company limited
2403:3bc0::/32CN cn flagguangzhou sakura technology company limited
2404:3bc0::/32CN cn flagguangzhou iletu technology company limited
2404:3c40::/32CN cn flagguangzhou dahasu technology company limited
2a0c:f480::/29HK hk flagSakura network limited
2a0d:2480::/29HK hk flagSakura network limited

Peer V6CountryDescription
6939US us flagHurricane Electric LLC
4637HK hk flagTelstra International Limited
134196HK hk flagCloudie Limited

Number of prefixes and peers for the last 360 days.


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Hosting history of domains break down by Top Level Domain (TLD) category.

AS Ranking history based on number of IPv4 addresses.


business Whois Information

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flag Country Information

CountryHong Kong hk flag
CapitalHong Kong
Area1,092 km²
Map of country hk

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