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The Autonomous System (AS) number 45447 is assigned to YLess4U Pty Ltd. AS45447 is assigned on 2008-09-23 by the Regional Internet Registry apnic. The country of registration is Australia. At least 67 domains are hosted on AS45447. Examples of domains are ozlabs.org and auug.org.au. At least 11 name servers are hosted on AS45447. Examples of name servers are ns.ozlabs.org and ns2.tridgell.net. There are 5 IPv4 prefixes announced by AS45447. Examples of prefixes are and There are no IPv6 prefixes announced by AS45447.

book General Information

AS number45447 (AS45447 / ASN45447)
OrganizationYLess4U Pty Ltd
CountryAustralia (AU) au flag
Allocation date2008-09-23 by APNIC
Number of IPv4 addresses2,048
ASRank (based on number of IPs)23,866
Number of IP prefixes5 (IPv4) 0 (IPv6)
AS has bogon prefixesNo
Number of peers2 (IPv4) 0 (IPv6)

trending_up Hosting Summary

Number of domains hosted67
Number of adult domains hosted0
Number of name servers hosted11
Number of SPAM hosts hosted0
Number of open proxies hosted0
Number of mail servers hosted8
Number of IDN domains hosted0
Number of domains in Alexa top million0

import_export IP Prefixes and Peers

PrefixCountryDescription au flagYLess4U Pty Ltd au flagiiNet Limited au flagYless4u Internet au flagAUUG Inc au flagEclectech

Peer V4CountryDescription
7718AU au flagiiNet Limited
7575AU au flagAustralian Academic and Research Network

Number of prefixes and peers for the last 360 days.


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Number of domains, mail and name server hosted in the past on this AS.

Hosting history of domains break down by Top Level Domain (TLD) category.

AS Ranking history based on number of IPv4 addresses.


business Whois Information

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flag Country Information

CountryAustralia au flag
Area7,686,850 km²
Map of country au

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